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The winning shorts of #Giffoni2019: a hymn to integration and the beauty of differences

Image is a design for a chalk drawing in the park, from The Most Magnificent Thing. Image design by Jaewoo Kim.

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chalk_art_color_v01The jurors of the Giffoni Film Festival 49th edition, through the prizes awarded to the short films, chosen to send out a powerful message: no geograp…
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The Most Magnificent Thing voted by kids ages 3 to 6 for a Gryphon award!

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The Most Magnificent Thing announced!

Rainy day reading… A scene in the film, THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING
Create-0-Vision! A scene in the film, THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING

I can finally share. The film I just directed is complete. So proud of the talented team who worked on it with me.

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Another NJ2 sequence!

Set on a roller coaster. Surly and Buddy try to stop the Mayor from getting away in a balloon. Watched a lot of P.O.V. roller coaster vids for this one!

Keep a look out for Jeff Dickson’s amazing shot of roller coaster wheels and track. Fellow story artist Yu Su did several backgrounds with me and Jennifer Chen added a safety bar gag. It was a group effort!

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NJ2 Sample board

Here’s a look at a story sequence I boarded from the feature THE NUTJOB 2, NUTTY BY NATURE. This was the first sequence I boarded right after coming onto the show in late 2015. It was a pile of fun.  Done in Photoshop.

My stuff starts at the 4 second mark. Story supervisor Jeff Dickson boarded the bit at the head. All the rest of this sequence is my work except for a few panels as the squirrels are scrambling to get out of the way before the sign falls.

All work is property of ToonBox Entertainment. No downloading permitted.